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Calculations on Tubes

You can select each property for calculation in a very simple way of about 30 metals in a dimension of your choice

In this view you can calculate the dimensions of tubes like width or diameter, length or thickness (gauge) of the walls or the weight by given dimensions of metals. You have to give the values for 3 properties and the 4th value will be calculated. For example you can calculate the thickness of a tube wall if you know the weight, the outer diameter and the length.

The property to be calculated can be seletced by the round button.

One can convert the results and the input in different units/dimensions

The result - after clicking on the Calculate! button - and the input data can be copied to clipboard in a way that it can be pasted to spreadsheets for further calculations

By pressing Info/Help you get infos about the source of the data and partly hints if there are special restrictions or uncertainties in a calculation.