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Few Examples for the Calculations

You can select each property for calculation in a very simple way of nearly 30 metals in a dimension of your choice

See here which Metals and Units can be calculated

What is the weight of metal cake or sheet with a certai width, length and thickness ?

How long is a coil of metal rod with a certain weight and a certain diameter

How long is a strip of Nickel rolled down to a certain thickness at a given weight and width?

What is the weight of tube with a certain wall thickness,diameter and length?

What is the Energy you need to heat Magnesium to a certain Temperature even above melting temperature?

What is the heatflow through a metal with a certain area, thickness and Temperature difference?

What is the voltage drop in a metal at a certain current, diameter and length?

What is the linear Expansion of a metal rod of a certain length by heating?

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